Why Japan Has A Low Number Of Corona Virus Cases

Corona Virus Cases Japan

Strange discrepancies in coronavirus statistics

When you compare a country such as South Africa with a country such as Tanzania, which has about the same population you’d be surprised to notice how much fewer coronavirus cases appear in Tanzania and there was also no lockdown while South Africa has been under lockdown for many months now. This same phenomenon is also occurring in Japan where relatively few coronavirus cases has been reported and there were also very few deaths compared to the situation in many other countries. A very large number of theories has been formulated in an attempt to explain the situation in Japan. Some of the strange ideas which has been shared is the one where it is rumored that the Japanese people have a superior kind of immunity. This almost sounds like the African gentleman who has claimed on WhatsApp that all a black person needs to do in order to kill the coronavirus is to refrain from washing their armpits for as long as possible and the stench which is produced is then supposed to immediately kill all coronavirus bacteria. One wonders why there are few corona virus cases in Japan.

Corona Virus Cases Japan

Apparently, the whole Asian region is blessed

It is not only Japan which is favored by the coronavirus, this is also the case in Taiwan, Vietnam, Taiwan and South Korea all of which has very low mortality rates as far as the coronavirus is concerned. There has been rumors that the coronavirus is an engineered virus which has its origin in a Chinese laboratory and if these rumors can be proved to be true then this may provide an explanation for why Asian countries have relatively few cases of coronavirus. This would be logical because if the rumors are true then obviously the Chinese would certainly engineer the virus in such a way that their own people are not threatened. Nevertheless, statistics in Japan clearly shows that there were very few coronavirus related deaths in the early part of 2020 in fact considerably below the accepted average. Even stranger is the fact that despite the coronavirus pandemic the total amount of deaths in Japan is expected to be even lower than 2019 when there was no pandemic.

Corona Virus Cases Japan

More research is needed

The strange reality is that Japan apparently have many of the necessary conditions that is supposed to make Japanese people significantly more vulnerable to a virus such as Covid 19. In the US there were already 126,000 deaths with a further 27,000 in Mexico while in Britain 43,000 people are dying because of the virus. It would therefore be justifiable and reasonable to draw the conclusion that America, Africa and Europe are especially sensitive to this pandemic. However, if you’re fortunate enough to be Asian born then it would seem that you have a relatively low chance of contracting coronavirus. This situation in Japan is even more strange when one considers that they did not implement any of the strict regulations which was implemented in other countries. Furthermore, coronavirus is known to attract the elderly and yet Japan has a high percentage of older people very few of which became infected with the coronavirus.