Food For Thought: The Best Foods For Eye Health

Food For Thought: The Best Foods For Eye Health

The Best Foods For Eye Health

Everyone has heard that certain foods increase eye health, right? Well, this is true for some foods, others not so much… For example, the notion that eating carrots improve your vision at night is a myth created by the British government in WWII to throw the Germans off their advanced radar technology.

And while there is no direct link between carrots and improving night vision, one thing is for certain: eating plenty of healthy, nutritious foods whilst avoiding bad fats, sodium and sugars, can help improve your vision in the light of day and the dark of night.

So, whilst a visit to your optometrist in Melbourne or eye surgeon in Malvern, South Yarra and beyond is good for a check up, what are some of the foods you can have in the meantime to ensure your eye health is up to standard?

  1. Lean meat

If you’re a meat eater, good news – lean meats can help maintain your vision! Protein from meats like poultry (turkey, duck, chicken etc.), pork and lean beef can be good for the eyesight. Been is rich in zinc and vitamin A, both of which are great for the corneas as well as your retinas. Pork and poultry also provide a decent amount of zinc.

You should always eat meat in moderation, however, and ensure that it is lean so that it makes up part of a moderated, healthy diet. Overeating meat and eating too much fatty meat is bad for the body and, in turn, the vision.

  1. Good old greens!

Okay, we’ve all been told since we were kids to eat our greens for many reasons, and one of these reasons is to help maintain correct vision as we age. They are easy to add to your meals, and contain plenty of nutrition like that of vitamin C which is important for maintaining the blood vessels in your eyes. Think kale, spinach, you know – the leafy greens!

  1. Fish

Fish is one of the ultimate sources of omega-3, which is important for maintaining eye health. Omega-3 is polyunsaturated fatty acid that is good for the retina, and comes in sources like anchovies, trout, tuna, salmon, sardines and mackerel, able to be included in meals a couple of times a week if possible!

  1. Seeds

Seeds are chock-full of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids – both of which can help ward off age-related eye problems. The best seeds for such things include hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, pepitas, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and flaxseeds – all of which can be found in your local supermarket pick and mix or in the health food section (not to mention health food stores!).

Add these little gems to things like salads and smoothies – they provide plenty of the nutrients required to maintain a healthy vision as you age.

  1. Legumes & pulses

Legumes and seeds, pods and plants that belong to the fabaceae family are important for eye health as they provide plenty of protein, omega-3 and fibre, all of which are important not only for maintaining eye health as well as general wellbeing.

These sources are found in things like chickpeas, lentils, broad beans and black beans. What’s more, they are incredibly versatile and can be included in meals like hearty stews, curries, dals, dips, soups, taco nights – whatever!

The Best Foods For Eye Health

The great thing about eye-centric food sources is that they are versatile and can be added to a heap of healthy, tasty recipes. Find them all at your local supermarket or farmers market, adding them to the delicious meals you love but with the knowledge that you are doing your vision an awesome service!