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What are the Submission Requirements?

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We invite you to submit an article on any subject that can be part of the SSOT Health Organization. And we also going well with the additional topics related to the industry making this the space for wide Health related threads.


Share your articles on the SSOT Health Organization Website, We welcome you to Submit an article 

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Terms & Conditions to submit an article:

  1. The Articles that you send have to be your own piece of work. If they are not your work, they should be referenced accordingly helping with maintaining the article quality
  2. If the submission of articles use any image, acclaim or an extract from outer sources that must be referenced too proving your content is unique and rich of quality
  3. The article heading should have clearly mentioned at the top of the content and the word tally ought not to surpass 2000 words
  4. Address the readers clearly with simple and comprehensive words. So make sure you drop down unnecessarily complex vocabulary. use active voice whenever possible
  5. We accept the format in Word documents (.doc), text files (.txt), or in PDF documents (.pdf). You can send us the documents in e-mail attachments. And for further, you can also put the complete text of the post into the e-mail with a special note
  6. Submitting articles is simply deliberate/ voluntary. However, the creator must take the 100% liability to furnish us with exact data that is useful to our locale

Extra crunch: By providing a summary of all of the major titles of the article at the end of the post will add readability standards. So give a try!

         Much obliged to you and we anticipate the incredible accommodation that will be of extraordinary support of our locale.

Much thankful and we look forward to feed the Single Source of Truth Health Organization with the great Article submissions. So the clear aim is about bringing the best service to upturn the website progress and support community to spread the right word of Health and Fitness. Meet the right requirements to Submit an article and make sure they go with the latest health trends.

How Fast We Respond?

With respectively the number of posts we receive guarantee credit for your submission. In fact, we are highly concerned whether your post/article meets the submission requirements in order to maintain with the site quality. However, if you decide on posting your content as a part of our SSOT Health Organization Site and to use it as a daily feature on our site, we will get back to you within a few hours. We will contact you as soon as possible in orderly maintaining a stronger customer bond.

If you have any other questions, feel free to write us on

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