Signs You’re Ready To Move To An Advanced Yoga Class

Signs You’re Ready To Move To An Advanced Yoga Class

Signs You’re Ready to Move to an Advanced Yoga Class

One of the greatest benefits to a committed yoga practice is the ability to see your own progress. As the mind and body become stronger and better able to work together to achieve what you may once have deemed impossible, we are able to grow as individuals, and to progress onto the next stage of our journeys.

If you are wondering whether it is time for you to move onto a more advanced practice, read our tips below.

You Can do Poses that You Couldn’t do Before

This is one of the most tangible signs of progress. While we cannot see our muscles changing, we can experience a greater finesse with the poses, and find that what was once far too difficult can now be one with ease.

If you have noticed that you are stronger or more flexible than you used to be, then you shouldn’t feel intimidated about moving up a class.

You Can do Poses Alone

At first, you don’t feel too confident, and you keep looking around to know if you’re doing things correctly. It may be that, in the beginning, you needed your instructor to help you maintain balance or find easier variations of certain poses.

After a while, you realise that you’re capable of doing poses without help. You’re in the flow, and everything is more intuitive; your muscle memory is kicking in, and your body knows how to move between the poses without as much guidance from your instructor.

You’re Curious to Know More

Much of yoga revolves around our ability to learn, and to forge a deeper connection with ourselves. If you start to feel curious about what the advanced classes can offer, then you should trust your instincts and follow that curiosity.

The good thing about yoga is that there will always be someone to help guide you into the next stage of your journey. The experts at tops:health, for instance, will be able to work with you to decide what level of practice will suit your abilities, and to feed your curiosity with more advanced poses and movements.

You feel inspired by your community

In the beginning, seeing others with an advanced practice can be intimidating, but as you begin to see your own body growing stronger, you can learn to feel inspired by their progress.

It is important not to push your body beyond its current limitations, but to gradually advance your practice over time. A more advanced class won’t throw you in at the deep end – it will remain grounded in the fundamentals you learned in your beginners’ classes – but it will continue to challenge you, and to familiarise yourself with more advanced poses.

You Want to Grow Stronger

Progressing your yoga practice will continue to ease your body into more physically demanding poses, and to build more strength within your core. Your ability to grow and develop will be based on the same principals that you began to learn in your very first class, but advanced poses will push your body to keep adapting.

Remember that there is no set timeframe for this, and maintaining your current practice will not cause you to lose progress. You may also partner with someone to experience this journey with you. It makes you more confident if you know that someone else will be with you as you conquer the more challenging yoga techniques.