Things To Do To Impress Your Friends After You Forget Their Birthday

Things To Do To Impress Your Friends After You Forget Their Birthday

Impress Your Friends After You Forget Their Birthday

Ever wondered about worst-case scenarios? Today we are going to talk about one of those, forgetting your friend’s birthday. Now before the debate of friendship begins, let’s be clear it’s not ordinary to remember your long-lost friends birthdays, and it is equally possible to forget your best friend’s birthday too. Even if you talk each night, it’s 12 am of that day that you find a stroke of sleep approaching you, and before you know it, you are down like a horse. It’s something about the magic of friendship. Each day is this special you don’t wait for your birthday to make it work for you. Moreover, before the age of social media, there were hardly any people who crammed their friends’ birthdays.

Now we are a part of the social media society, and it is bound to remember birthdays. In case you have forgotten one, do the below-mentioned things, and you should be back on track.

  • Order a cake

Before you think about anything, be lightning fast to send a cake through same day cake delivery in Delhi with your friend’s favourite flavour. You can send along a greeting card if the creative aspect matters. And do make a video call so that they don’t miss screaming at you while they cut their late cake. Be sure to send some scrumptious flavour, and with same-day delivery, it’s easier than flying a kite.

  • Go for a surprise stay

It’s not a deal of two or four hours, you have gone to justify your absence on their birthday; it requires at least a night stay. Go over with snacks, food, drinks, movie, games and yes an apology letter. It gives goosebumps to think about the thunder they will shower; it’s better to be prepared for the best. And also don’t dress shaggy, go over like it’s a birthday.

  • Send surprise gifts

If you know your friend or best friend well enough, buy presents for them that will suit their choice and personality. It is important to send either a big one like a teddy, a game box, a jacket or makeup or a bunch of mini ones like a small keychain, a mug, a pendant, a cushion, a t-shirt and so on. Do send something that goes with their personality; otherwise, it may lead to a blunder.

  • Ask for a bucket list

If your friend is angry enough and of course witty too, they will be quick to hand over an exaggerated bucket list for their birthday. It’s kind of like a bribe, but when an innocent deed becomes so big, some outwardly gestures are bound to come in. If it’s an affordable one, pick all the gifts, and if not buy the most you can and use the puppy face you always do.

  • Take them out

Now when taking them out be swift to the bill and not much on the birthday party quota. Although be clever to take that party some days later when the fire is calm and the party mood on. For now, take them to a nice place they like, dress nicely, pick them from their house and be kinky with some flowers too. Draft a legit apology too there’s nothing that will work better.

Impress Your Friends After You Forget Their Birthday

We are sure you are now calm, reading all the ideas for damage control. Likewise, words spread this piece of advice to others as well, but first, try not forgetting a birthday again.

P.S. Be confident.