What are the early warning signs for Hypertension of Women?

What are the early warning signs for Hypertension of Women?

High blood pressure which in the other way known as Hypertension could be quite dangerous and bring harm for women even without any notice. This is why high-blood pressure is also called “Silent killer”. But if really do care in the right way; you and your doctor can make the right treatment for it keeping your blood pressure under control. So treat it right and don’t make it up to a “Silent Killer”.

Hypertension of Women

What are the warning signs of high blood pressure?

  • History of Family- it is important to consider the family history when examining one’s risk for high blood pressure. In case if your parents had high blood pressure, the risk of getting it caused on you is high
  • Gestational diabetes- this can upturn the risk of high blood pressure considerably. And in both during and after pregnancy, this could cause the conditions heavily. So it is vital to get your doctor’s recommendations throughout pregnancy follow healthy diet low in sodium and sugar to drop down the risk
  • Menopause- this is another condition increases the risk of developing high blood pressure. But it goes as your age
  • Birth control pills- for some women, birth control pills could result in high blood pressure. Make sure your blood pressure is well monitored every six months’ time
  • Poor standard of living- with bad life habits, the risk for high blood pressure rises. An inactive lifestyle, high-fat habits, high-sodium diets, and over stress could lead to high blood pressure

How to maintain healthy blood pressure?

Untreated high blood pressure could lead to heart attacks, strokes and also congestive heart failure. But don’t worry, there are many ways you can control its levels. Take a look here.

Focus on weight loss- you can drop down the blood pressure by about 1 millimeter of mercury (mmHG) with each one kilogram (2.2 pounds) you drop. So this is why doctors always advises you to lose weight to continue with good blood pressure level

  • Check snoring- snoring and no proper sleep sometimes be signs of “sleep apnea” condition. Interrupted breathing from sleep apnea is one way that level up your blood pressure. So if snoring and short sleep is recorded, better you take a check up
  • Do activities- at least 20- 30 minutes of exercise a day is supporting to improve your blood pressure and then overall health conditions. If you have no time, at least move, climb stairs, do several exercises as a part of the day to live healthy
  • Get healthy diets- by increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables is one way you can have a good control in your blood pressure level. Consider on getting fruits and vegetables rich in potassium, which could help with the blood pressure level positively
  • Reduce salt- it is important to reduce the sodium intake in your usual dietary plan which could make a big change in your blood pressure
  • No smoking- blood pressure increases when you smoke. So if you want to keep your blood pressure in the fine line, quit smoking

Leaving the symptoms of Hypertension could make you worry in your entire life. So learn fast and get treated.