The Perfect Eye Makeup For Every Woman

The Perfect Eye Makeup For Every Woman


Regardless of how you feel about makeup or how much you normally use, perfect eye makeup can make a woman’s face and eyes pop, giving them an irresistible look and presence. The good news is that there are several styles of eye makeup that can take you from day to evening and that match your personality and level of makeup expertise. Besides, always rejuvenate the skin surrounding your eyes with the best anti-aging eye creams that you can find.

The trick to any great eye makeup application is to start with a great base. Eyevage is a rich rejuvenation cream that can stimulate collagen production and hydrate the skin in the ocular areas. After moisturizing, use a concealer to tap coverage into the inner corner of the eye and underneath where dark circles tend to lurk. Be sure to use your finger or a damp makeup sponge to blend the product. Use the same concealer or a lid corrector/shadow base on the upper lid. Make sure that there is no excess product that can crease or slide. Finish with a light dusting or translucent powder to set the base. Instantly, women will see a difference in the look of their eyes, reducing redness and discoloration around the eye and giving it a youthful appearance.

For women with a minimalist approach to makeup, a few simple tricks can make eyes look amazing with only a bit of makeup. The secret to any great eye makeup is to moisturize the skin regularly before applying any cosmetic products. The best anti-aging eye creams penetrate into the dermal layers of the skin, moisturizing and improving the circulation in the area. To put eye makeup, always start with a base. After you have applied your base, use an eyelash curler to curl upper lashes. Curl lashes in two places, the roots and the middle of the lash for maximum impact. For daytime, apply a lengthening formula mascara to the upper and lower lashes making sure to separate any clumps. For evening, simply sweep a taupe or brown liner to the upper lash line or use a small brush or q-tip to line the top and bottom lash line with a neutral shadow.

Perfect Eye Makeup For Every Woman

For women seeking a more distinct look, using a bit more makeup can help you achieve a more enhanced eye. Treating your skin daily with a moisturizing cream like Eyevage will make your skin brighter, lifted, and glowing. Eyevage is a luscious eye cream that can effectively eliminate fine lines and dark circles. Always start your makeup with a base.

Curl lashes at the root and in the middle of the lash and let set. On the top lid use a neutral, shimmery shade of grey, taupe, brown, or copper to sweep across the crease of your lid. Bring the shadow from the crease to the outside corner of your eye in a rounded shape. Use a small brush to line the bottom lash line with the same shadow.

Apply a thickening mascara to the top lashes for a daytime look. For evening, use a matching eyeliner or black liner to line the top lash line from corner to corner. Use the pencil directly at the roots of lashes.

Then, use your pencil to line the bottom lashes from the outside corner to about a quarter of the way in. Use a q-tip to smudge the liner on the bottom. Touch up mascara and you are ready to hit the town.

For women looking to go all-out with their eye makeup, a dramatic look can be achieved for both day and night. Begin with an eye cream to reduce the appearance of dark circles and eyebags. One of the top rated eye rejuvenation treatments is Eyevage. It is high in antioxidants that repair damage and lifts and brightens the skin. Then, apply a base.

Use a soft shimmery shadow on lids from lashes to the crease. Use the same shadow to line the bottom lash line as well. Then, take a dark opaque shadow of the same color and apply it to the outside corner of the upper lid. Use the brush to work the shadow into a “v” shape with the bottom pointing toward your ear. Blend the dark shadow with the shimmery. Curl lashes and apply a thickening mascara.

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For evening, build off your daytime eye by using the opaque shadow to cover the entire lid from crease to lash line. Use your brush to line the bottom lash line with opaque shadow as well. Then, get a shimmer or iridescent powder to sweep on your brow bone down toward your temple and onto your cheekbone. Use a black eyeliner to line the inside of the eyelid and to smudge liner into the lash line, Retouch your mascara and off you go.

Whatever your makeup style, starting with a great base and using makeup upon which you can build for the evening is the secret to fuss-free eyes. To achieve a look that’s refreshing and adoring, select one of the best anti-aging eye creams that is sure to provide skin moisturization.