3 working ways from a Cardiologist to heart-healthy

3 working ways from a Cardiologist to heart-healthy

From weight loss to boost up energy, keto diet is greeted by many and of course no secrets. And from the cardiologist point of view, following keto diet is one way to go for health and well being but need more tweaks. In fact, going with keto is not getting too much of bacon, butter, lard and steak that give hand to bad cholesterol (LDL). So what should we actually do to get the best use of Keto? This is something good to take from Doctor Weiss through his times with patients and with a lot of experiences. So stay ketosis and keep cholesterol no rise.

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Here you are three cardiologist-agreed tweaks that turn keto way more heart-fitting.

Ketogenic diets are popular nowadays with arising health issues. In simply, a ketogenic diet is of high-fat, acceptable- protein, and low-carb. The aim here about switching to Keto is to grow more calories from protein and fat over from carbs. But never forget, the impact of high-fat towards your heart well being. So what hacks Doctor Weiss comes over in turning Keto positive.

Changeover butter with olive oil:

You need fat to run body. But choosing your fats is something essential. So as to Doctor Weiss, replacing butter with olive oil make a big impact and has resulted in all good. So make a habit to get good fat from avocado and nuts which are good sources of fat.

As we already know, Keto is high-protein and high-fat. So getting fat from the sources like avocado, nuts, olive oil helps remaining ketosis lowering LDL cholesterol levels considerably.  

Meat vs fish

As according to Doctor Weiss, animal-based protein is too similar to hierarchy of fats. So what about replacing fish in the place of bacon or steak?

As to Doctor Weiss, fish is the best for those who eat animals. So you can remain Ketosis even removing meat like high-cholesterol sources by replacing like with fish for something similar but different. And it could increase good cholesterol on the body making you boost your strengths. So if you take salmon five to seven a week that brings no harm.

Load up with fiber

On conventional ketogenic diets, we do not find a lot of fiber. This is because fiber is connected with carbohydrates which keto-passionate and should avoid as much as possible. But here changing the framework, Doctor Weiss advises to take Fiber that is less in carbohydrate levels. As to the cardiologist, you can stay keto-healthy while taking some low carbohydrate fiber. So add some lupine beans, legumes that are rich in protein in the next time you prepare your salad.

Bottom Line

Following Keto should not make you forget your heart. So you can use these amazing food hacks in the next time you ready on following your Keto meals to make them bring the best for all your heart and body. Choose what fat should serve your meal and do not miss some fiber in the next time.