A Bodybuilder’s Guide To Gaining Muscle The Healthy Way

A Bodybuilder’s Guide To Gaining Muscle The Healthy Way

Gaining Muscle the Healthy Way

Everyone has their reasons for working out, whether for their health or maintaining their weight. Some may go to the gym because they want to build more muscle. However, achieving that six-pack or getting toned arms is easier said than done. Effectively building muscle requires strict adherence to a workout regimen and diet.

Don’t fall for surgeries, drugs, or extreme diets that claim to help you achieve your body goals quickly. More often than not, these methods will result in poor health and could even lead to serious illnesses down the line. When building muscle, your primary goal should be your health. Stick to these tried-and-tested tips, and you’ll have a body you’ll surely be proud of.

Eat more protein and calories

Protein is the primary ingredient for our body to build muscle, but protein is also used for many other bodily functions, such as skin regeneration or hormone synthesis. Given this, you need to start consuming more protein, around 1 gram per pound of body weight daily. Eggs, milk, chicken, and meat are great sources of protein. Don’t forget to eat carbs and vegetables alongside your protein-rich meals. If you have a weak appetite, it may be challenging to consume more protein while ensuring your topped up on your daily required vitamins and nutrients. You can supplement your meals with a new multivitamin to cover any deficiencies.

You also need to increase your daily calorie intake to make up for the intense workouts you’ll be doing from here on out.

Use workouts that challenge your whole body

“Isolation training”—workouts that only train a specific muscle group—won’t be enough to give you good results. If you do isolation training on your arms because you want biceps but abandon your leg muscles, you’ll end up with bulked up arms but skinny legs. The first step to properly building muscles is working out your whole body. Squats, pull-ups, and deadlifts are great for stimulating multiple muscle groups and keeping your whole body strong and healthy.

Slowly build intensity

As you feel yourself getting stronger, you need to add more challenge to your routine. Add more reps or increase your weight training. Remember not to push yourself and that going at your own pace is key to avoiding injury or fatigue.

Have rest days

Part of building muscle is giving your body the chance to rest. That soreness you get after every workout is your body working to rebuild worn muscles. It won’t have the chance to do this if you keep working out at the same harsh pace every day. Skip a day at the gym if you’ve completed an intense workout the day before.

Gaining Muscle the Healthy Way

Muscle building takes a lot of determination and discipline, and as long as you go about the process safely and responsibly, you won’t just come out with a great body, but a healthy one as well. It’s important to have patience and be attuned to your body’s limits to avoid serious injuries.