A Bike Chair from a loving Husband to his wife with Alzheimer’s

Bike chair

Love could make things happen that you never thought even possible! But in this era, we hardly come to meet true love in all its purpose as it seems just limit to words. Meet Bill and C, the heroes here, a couple married for over 50 years. This dedicated couple is a true example of real love who shares all wind and storms in life together. They have been devoted during their relationship and have been loving and enjoying outdoors. But when Glad fated with Alzheimer’s it was a problem but it was never enough to affect their time together.

Glad’s conditions were getting worse and reduced her movement orderly. They always had the fear that she may fall when she takes walks. And that is where Bill starts thinking about something above the frame and made a new “Bike Chair”. And that Bike Chair was the start of their more walks together to continue their outdoor adventures just as the times old.

Bill was the one who designed this Bike Chair concept and has taken the support of a friend to turn this concept into a working reality. When operating the “Bike Chair” Bill’s joints got over-exercised and has left him tired. But he sees fully contented as this is the privilege to show his love to her and make her happy by helping her to do her favorite thing. Isn’t that inspiring? Yes, it is. True love can make anything possible and witness miracles.